BREAKOUT Session 1

Main Stage: God and the Marketplace - Hot Ones Panel: Phil Broderson/Bumni Omatosso/Peter Buck/Greg Ricker - Hosted by Brent Ingersoll

How do we succeed in the marketplace without sabotaging our integrity? Is it possible to be successful in the world, without being a product of it? Join Pastor Brent Ingersoll as he interviews Dr. Bunmi Ommatosso (Vascular Surgeon), Peter Buck (CFO, Cooke Aquaculture, Phil Broderson (Property Developer and former Business Owner) and Greg Ricker (Business Owner), in search of real wisdom for real life, while service up some hot wings and even hotter questions. All of these men have managed to be successful in their respective fields, discovering how to merge Kingdom of God principles and commitments with the world we live and work in.

Kids Theatre: Think 3: Fathering Kids who Love Jesus & Don’t Hate the Church - Justin Beesley + Joe Beesley

The Lord said, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Throughout history, we see that our God is a God of generations. In this BREAKOUT, we will be discussing the importance of always thinking 3 generations. We will talk strategy about being the Dad God calls us to be so that our children and our children’s children will be children of Faith!

Meeting Room A: Wow, That Just Happened! - Hearing, seeing and experiencing an extraordinary God in every day life - Anthony Moore + Dan Lamos

God is moving in our lives and our communities. He is intent on making himself known to every person in every place. Seven years ago God began surprising us (Dan and Anthony) with amazing life changing encounters as we risked sharing with others what we sensed God was showing us. Specifically, the two of us have been on a quest to engage people in conversation over what God gives us for them right on the spot. If you are curious about what it would be like for you to hear God’s word for someone and then step up to share it with them, you will love this session. God is activating men all over the world and equipping them to prophesy in the name of Jesus. We have been blessed to see God bring us together and use us to prophesy his living word to more people in more places than we could ever have imagined. We can’t wait to share with you and see God make you bold enough to hear and share what God is saying with others wherever you go.


BRENT Ingersoll

Phil Broderson

Bunmi Omotoso

Peter Buck

Greg Ricker

Justin Beesley

Joe Beesley

Anthony Moore

Dan Lamos

BREAKOUT Session 2

Main Stage: The Problem of God - Hot Ones - Hosted by Brent Ingersoll

Mark Clark was a skeptic who became a Christian and then a pastor, all while exploring answers to the most difficult questions raised against Christianity. Mark grew up in an atheistic home, and after his father’s death, began a skeptical search for truth through exploring science, philosophy, and history, asking the big questions of life, and eventually finding answers in Christianity. In this breakout, Pastor Brent Ingersoll will interview Mark by serving up some hot wings and even hotter questions, exploring the top objections people raise against God and Christianity.

Kids Theatre: Burnout Antidotes - Dr. LD Buckingham - Hosted by David Steeves

Stress continues to be a huge factor at home and at work. Everyone seems to know of a friend, family member or work colleague who is dealing with burnout. Dr. Buckingham, in his signature enthusiastic style, will outline practical principles that can eliminate a large percentage of stress from your life so that you do not have to face the challenges that come with burnout.

Meeting Room A - I Thought I’d Be Over This By Now - Adam Brewer

Many of us go through life dealing with the same issues over and over again. Issues we thought were history. Hurts, habits and hang ups that we just can’t seem to move past. Join Adam as he shares the handles that he has learned from life experience and God’s word that will help you put the past behind and be the man that God has called you to be.


BRENT Ingersoll


Dr. LD Buckingham

Dave Steeves

Adam Brewer